Remotely hosted radio station lists for Sharpfin media server

24th August 2022

Feeds screenshotFrom version 2.1 of the Sharpfin media server for Reciva radios remotely hosted lists of radio stations can be browsed on the radio. This gives a very similar experience to before Reciva closed down. This page describes the format of the remotely hosted lists for people interested in providing a list of stations. The first lists are being supplied by

For the lists to transfer correctly to the radio they must be hosted on a http web address (not an https address). The format of the list must follow the example below.

#EXTGRP:BBC Local stations
#EXTINF:Radio Stoke
#EXTINF:Radio Suffolk
#EXTINF:Radio Wiltshire
#EXTINF:Radio York
#EXTGRP:BBC National stations
#EXTINF:Radio 1
#EXTINF:Radio 2
#EXTINF:Radio 3
#EXTINF:Radio 4

The specification is:

Adding external feeds to the radio

The External station feeds section in the lower part of the station management screen on the radio web interface allows up to 5 external radio station feeds to be added to the radio. When browsing stations using the onboard media server these will appear under the +Feeds menu entry.

Source code

The processing of external station feeds is undertaken by the remote-m3u program which is separate from the main media server. The remote-m3u process runs at radio power on, downloading and then unpacking external station lists into a memory based temporary file system on the radio (nothing is written to the main radio storage). The media server then reads the stations in the same way it reads locally stored station lists. External station data is cleared when the radio is switched off. For the initial release of remote-m3u the data can only be refreshed by switching the radio off then on again.

As with any Sharpfin modifications to the radio the remote-m3u program comes with no warranty and you proceed at your own risk. remote-m3u takes care to filter data coming into the radio from external station feeds, but you should still take care to select feeds only from sources you trust.